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Because we care.

We’re a small team, working hard, to make a text-to-speech powered A.I. voice actor app where you can find the perfect voice for any project you can imagine. We are constantly improving, updating, and adding more content and features to our app based on our users feedback! 

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Our Story



Hunter became a developer for a company that worked with text-to-speech technology. When Covid disrupted the economy the company he worked for went bankrupt, and he got laid off. He spent months looking for a job, but without success.

Hunter was spending more time at home with his kids, who wanted him to make funny videos with them. He saw the potential to monetize videos like so many other content creators. He saw that many successful businesses and content creators were using voiceovers. But human voice actors were expensive, slow to finish projects, and not always easy to communicate with. He discussed his problems with his college classmate, Hunter, who had also been thinking of a way to use text-to-speech technology in a more useful way. 

The two decided to work together to create, MetaVoicer, to help content creators all over the world get quick access to quality voice actors that they can customize to fit any type of project and earn money with social media platforms! They launched MetaVoicer in 2022! 

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